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Gas Utilization - Thermo Processing Technology

We are your competent partner for research and development in the following fields:

  • Gas applications in household and industry
  • Innovative systems for energy and heating
  • Increasing energy efficiency in the field of Thermo Processing Technology
  • Emissions reduction
  • Latest diagnostic technologies for monitoring and optimizing Thermal Processing Technology
  • Gas composition
  • Professional development in the field of gas industry

In this department we are specialized in pre-competitive and fundamental industrial research.

Research and Development:

Innovative energy and heating systems on the basis of natural gas and renewable energies

  • Development of equipment and components for decentralized energy supply, e.g. with fuel cells, heat pumps and CHP systems
  • Optimal technologies concerning the combination of natural gas and renewable energies
  • Conversion and adjustment of energy sources regarding Thermo Processing Equipment for industrial and commercial use
  • Development of new energy production systems for domestic appliances

Increasing energy efficiency in the field of thermal process technology

  • Conceptualization, construction, simulation and development of highly efficient heating transfer systems (recuperators, regenerators)
  • Further development of efficient burner systems
  • Construction of innovative, radio-active coating systems for heating, e.g. nozzles

Emissions reduction in the field of Thermal Processing Technology

  • Development of catalytic exhaust treatment systems
  • Development of filtering systems
  • Development of sensors, measuring and control technology
  • Development of primary and secondary measures to reduce pollutant emissions

State-of-the-art optoacoustic diagnostic technologies for status measurement and optimization of Thermo Processing Technology

  • Development of compact optical and acoustic probe systems for measurement and efficiency analysis as well as lifetime prediction with the help of minimally invasive sensor systems
  • Further development of the optical diagnostic system OPTISOS® concerning multi-species detection (contact free, optical detection of OH and CH radicals in the flame) as well as accurate field determination with regard to temperature
  • Development of a process for opto-acoustic inspection, evaluation and classification of vibrating industrial thermal process plants

Gas composition with burner technology, sensors, controlling and safety technology

  • Investigation of the effects of changes in gas composition for industrial and commercial use
  • Development of specific compensation solutions for industry and commerce (sensors, controlling and regulation, e.g. electronic gas-air combined control system with CO/O2 exhaust-gas sensors)
  • Investigation of the effects of a constantly-changing Wobbe Index of H-gas on domestic and industrial gas application technologies
  • Analysis of the admixture of hydrogen for the operation of gas turbines and gas engines

Testing Technology and Equipment:

Successful research and development is carried out in our technical center with a large hall for industrial furnaces. The facility includes:

  • Different combustion chambers (power of 100 to 500 KW) in which hot-wall and cold-wall conditions for industrial burners can be tested
  • Several testing facilities for industrial furnaces with a variable heating chamber: Up to 4m3 usable volume with ceiling burners
  • Ultramodern chamber furnace with ceramic REKU-burner lined with vacuum furnace materials for furnace chamber temperatures up to 1.600 °C
  • Electronic air-gas combined control system with CO/CO2 exhaust gas technology
  • Measurement equipment for exhaust gas to examine emissions
  • Computer–controlled gas mixing technology including gas chromatography for monitoring adjusted gas mixtures
  • Digital and analog measuring for all research facilities

We have longstanding and extensive experience regarding the visualization of thermal processes. We use the most modern optoacoustic diagnostic technologies such as minimally-invasive sensors for the heating chamber. These technologies enable various procedures such as current status reviews, process optimizations and service life evaluations. For this reason, we are able to evaluate different spectral ranges of radiation:

  • Visible-light evaluation of damages
  • Near–infrared thermography, calculation of temperatures fields
  • Ultra-violet optical flame analysis to reduce emissions

Furthermore we have developed an optoacoustic system, with which we can additionally receive signals from the heating chamber such as when analyzing the pressures on construction elements from sound waves. We use specialist software for the evaluation and digital image processing within the visible light, the UV-range, and near-infrared range.


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Contact Person

Marcus Wiersig
Head of Department

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