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Gas Utilization - Gas Processing Technology

In our research projects in the field of gas processing engineering we focus on the development of innovative procedures to generate fuels and chemical precursors. Our accomplished work includes processes and technologies as well as mathematical simulations, from basic reaction analyses to the engineering and construction of technical facilities.

Fuel-cell technology has been one of our main focuses for several years. Our team handles projects concerned with an efficient and compact hydrogen production from available, cheap and renewable fossil fuels.
We are also specialized in Power-to-Gas and Power-to-Chemicals. Through surplus renewable electricity from fluctuating sources, it is possible to produce hydrogen via electrolysis. Using this method energy can be stored efficiently for use at a later time.

Despite these developments, the direct use of hydrogen and its transport via natural gas pipelines is restricted for a variety of reasons. Consequently the transformation and conversion into chemical intermediates like methanol or dimethyl ether is of great interest.

Our fields of research:

  • Hydrogen and fuel cells
  • Power-to-Gas/ methanation
  • Chemical conversion of renewable energy sources



2020-09-15–2020-09-16 | Berlin
2020-09-29 | Freiberg
2020-11-03 | Leipzig
2020-11-11–2020-11-12 | Duisburg/Oberhausen

Contact Person

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Anger
Head of Department

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  (+49) 3731 - 41 95 309

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