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Gas Production and Gas Storage

Within the field of oil and gas production and storage our company specializes in research and development of economic, ecological, and technical solutions. Our work supports the production, transport and storage of fossil fuels like oil and gas and helps guarantee stable energy supply.

Our work leads to a cost-effective compensation for fluctuations in gas demand, or an improved use of wind and solar power by reducing the costs for the expansion of renewable energies concerning the underground storage of H2.
Furthermore the underground storage of CO2 allows an environmentally-friendly use of fossil fuels.

Areas of activity

  • Exploration and usage of oil and gas storage facilities including specific cases such as deposits of acid gas, heavy fuel oil and gas holders
  • Construction, operation and optimization of underground storages for H2 and CO2
  • Geological, technological and economic assessment of oil and gas fields and underground storages
  • Feasibility studies, creation of operational plans and approval procedures
  • Design conception for over- and underground facilities at gas and oil fields and underground storages for specific cases such as acid gas, H2 and also CO2
  • Design and application of enhanced recovery methods for oil and gas
  • Other special services

In this context we make use of our longstanding and significant expertise in the area of 3D modelling and 3D reservoir simulation. We have experience in all types of underground gas storages (aquifer storage, oil and gas field, cavern) and specific deposits for acid gas as well as heavy fuel oil.

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. Hagen Bültemeier
deputy head of department

  (+49) 3731 - 41 95 343
  (+49) 3731 - 41 95 309

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