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Gas Grids and Gas Facilities

In the department of gas grids and facilities we are focusing on the assessment of macro-economic and technical potential regarding to the convergence of power and gas grids. These leads to a combination of the main advantages concerning the single fuels (power, gas, heat and fuel). This also provides the opportunity to evaluate related questions like the ability of different access paths (potential of power-to-gas and bivalent equipment for smart grids).

Furthermore, the determining and assessment of technical, but also economic improvement of systems for power-to-gas and included elements are in the focus of consideration.
We develop innovative economic concepts to integrate renewable energies into a flexible and more sustainable energy network.

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2020-09-15–2020-09-16 | Berlin
2020-09-29 | Freiberg
2020-11-03 | Leipzig
2020-11-11–2020-11-12 | Duisburg/Oberhausen

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Gert Müller-Syring
deputy Head of Department

  (+49) 341 - 24 57 129
  (+49) 341 - 24 57 137

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