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Freiberger DVGW-Training Center Gas

Freiberg can look back on its long-standing gas engineering tradition. As early as 1815, it was possible to use fuel gas industrially for illumination purposes in the nearby amalgamation plant in Halsbrücke. For decades DBI was known as a national and international development center.

Based on an integrated security concept in the gas supply industry, the Freiberger DVGW-Training Center Gas was founded in year 1993 with the construction of a demonstration facility for damages caused by excavators. This educational establishment is open to different interested groups for further education. The center deals with issues such as safety-relevant work regarding gas transfer pipelines and gas installation by the DVGW Berufsbildungswerk Center Ost.

The training courses are mainly focused on practical exercises under real-life conditions. We recommend a timely registration.

Since May 2010 the Freiberger DVGW-Training Center Gas with its demonstration facility for damages caused by excavators is a BALSibau certified training institution. In December 2013 the Freiberger DVGW-Training Center Gas celebrated its 20th anniversary. During this time more than 18,000 people have taken part in our gas-specific education and professional events.



2020-09-15–2020-09-16 | Berlin
2020-09-29 | Freiberg
2020-11-03 | Leipzig
2020-11-11–2020-11-12 | Duisburg/Oberhausen

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Franke
Head of Department / Trainer

  (+49) 3731 - 41 95 325
  (+49) 3731 - 41 95 319

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