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DVGW-Test Laboratory Energy

The DVGW-Test Laboratory Energy is carry out type examinations for products related to gas utilization, gas distribution and appliances operating with solid and liquid fuels.

In the 1990s the two DBI testing laboratories for gas appliances and burners in Freiberg and Leipzig requested and passed the accreditation as DVGW test laboratory. The longstanding practice as an ASMW testing laboratory (East German Office of Standardization, Measurement and Goods testing) during the GDR era contributes to the experience of testing activities. Thanks to the modernization of test equipment and facilities, the testing of gas and liquid fuels is now possible. At the beginning of 2000 the testing work was shifted from Leipzig to Freiberg.

Backed by our highly-qualified staff, we offer you services in the following fields:

  • Testing of armatures and pressure equipment
  • Testing of gas appliances
  • Testing of appliances for solid fuels
  • Testing of oil-fired consumer equipment
  • Testing of construction products
  • Calibrations
  • Specialized testing

With regard to certification of products, please contact the DVGW CERT GmbH, where we operate as an accredited testing laboratory. The application for certification prior to testing is a necessary condition.

Our team has several registered accreditations and notifications and we also operate in various national and international committees and working groups.